Interior Designer


An established Production Designer and mixed reality creative in the television Industry,
I studied for BA(tons) in 3D design, MA interior architecture, post graduate scholarship studying film and Tv at USC in America.

I started as a Art Director on film and Tv productions at Granarda Tv and then BBC.
Becoming a senior Production Designer and Manager of Design at the BBC before embarking an my Freelance career.
I Production Design and conceptualize for Tv productions, I work in Mixed reality, in virtual and aurgneted reality VFX and GFX as a Visual Development Designer replacing the more traditional set roles that have been used by Art and other departments.

My passion for embracing design and innovation technology, used in conjunction with my vast knowledge of in design to camera techniques makes for a unique combination of experience and creativity.

Professional and Personal Skills:

  • An experienced production designer with involvement in several feature films, theater plays and television programs
  • Well developed connections with vendors that supply different products used in production design
  • Ability to work rigorously to design and develop the overall theme including set development and designing and maintain the same throughout the project
  • Ability to manage resources, budget and people effectively
  • Passionate to deliver my best and achieve professional excellence through consistent performance at work
  • Proficient in designing software used in production and set designing
  • Analytical, problem solving and multitasking skills

Job functions and responsibilities:

  • Discussed the script, character and location requirements with the director and producer Research the project.
  • Analyzed overall requirements and provided material, cost and timeline specifications for the project
  • Developed project schedule and assigned tasks to the different personnel involved
  • Provided design solution for costume, accessories, props and other requirements of the characters
  • Presented design specifications with the producer and director to discuss modifications
  • Implemented the changes and completed projects within schedule and budget
  • Read scripts and discussed the design requirements with the director and producer
  • Developed detailed lists for costume, props and other requirements
  • Designed 3D models for set and presented to the director
  • Communicated with suppliers to book props
  • Communicated with costume designers and provided design specifications
  • Involved in set construction to ensure that it is decorated identical to the blueprint
  • Assisted in post production process and monitored CGI specialists
  • Ensured client satisfaction through timely and cost efficient design solutions

  • Academic Qualifications and Certifications:

  • BA (Hons) 3D design
  • Master's Degree MA interior architecture
  • Post graduate scholarship
  • USC film school post graduate
  • Employment History:
  • Designation: Production Designer
  • Organization: Tales and Tunes Studio
  • May 2013 - Present
  • Designation: Production Designer
  • Organization: Sorcerers Wand Productions
  • August 2010 - April 2013
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